Wealth hub

A seamless network for your wealth

In the domain of managing complex wealth situations, specialized attention is paramount. Often reliant on diverse specialists, wealth owners find themselves responsible for bridging gaps to ensure the seamless management of wealth, projects, and insights.

Operating as your dedicated family office, we take on this role of harmonizing expertise and streamlining processes. Overseeing, orchestrating, and aligning an array of pivotal processes and external partnerships, we offer a seamless institutional solution that mirrors your long-term vision and remains resilient in challenging times. As your family's wealth hub, we facilitate an effortless collaboration between yourselves, your existing advisors, and partners.

The simplest way to maintain an overview

We focus on your needs and help with selecting, coordinating, and monitoring suitable third parties, negotiating terms, preparing regular or on-demand reports, and executing projects. We cater to your overarching goals while providing continuous support for daily operations – from managing liquidity to overseeing investments and implementing specific initiatives or projects. Drawing on our extensive experience and a meticulously curated network, we direct our efforts toward augmenting your wealth. Marcuard Family Office acts as the central hub that allows you to maintain focus and control.

Above all, your peace of mind remains paramount. Entrusting us with your family's wealth allows you to dedicate your attention to what truly matters to you.

Empowering your personal projects

Acknowledging the individuality of each family, shaped by its own distinct needs and aspirations, families embark on their unique pursuits and endeavors. Our goal is to assist your family on this journey, whether as initiators or supportive collaborators. From one-time ventures to routine tasks, and everyday projects to novel undertakings, an experienced project manager will guide each initiative, providing regular updates on its advancement and status.