Your strategic partner
At Marcuard Family Office, we are committed to being your strategic partner. We help you to analyze your individual situation and work with you to develop a holistic, tailored, and long-term wealth strategy.

In pursuit of your goals

A comprehensive wealth strategy is rooted in the principles, needs, and aspirations of a family and its members, establishing the basis for effective wealth management. Experience underscores the vital role of a well-defined strategy, crafted through close collaboration with you, in the successful management of family assets and the cohesion of the family unit.

Ensuring alignment in everything we do

This overall asset strategy encompasses a spectrum of components, ranging from liquid to illiquid, return-driven to impact-focused, and asset-preserving to asset-enhancing. We pay particular attention to the careful management of potential conflicts between various goals, including returns, security, liquidity, sustainable impact, and other non-financial objectives. Moreover, our approach entails meticulous liquidity planning across assets and over the long term. By doing so, we align the management of liquid assets with the liquidity requirements of real estate, private market investments, and philanthropic endeavors, thereby keeping the family's fundamental liquidity and security needs in focus.

Considering all perspectives

When making decisions, it is crucial to consider the entirety of the asset landscape. This may involve acknowledging that substantial assets are tied up in a family's operating business, and being prepared to effectively manage cluster risks and meet liquidity demands. We remain by your side, offering guidance and support, throughout the process of prioritizing strategic components – be it for the protection of your wealth through thorough diversification or the seamless integration of sustainability and impact considerations across all assets.