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Marcuard Family Office Utilizes MPI Quantitative Analytics for investment desicion making

-Dynamic Style Analysis Powers Manager Selection and Monotoring

Summit, New Jersey, USA-July 18 2012- Markov Processes Inernational (MPI), a provider of superior tools for Investment research, analysis and reporting, today announced that Marcuard Family Office, one of the largest family offices in Europe, utilizes Dynamic Style Analyses (DSA), MPI’s patented factor attribution analytics, for investment decision making. Marcuard, an 11 year client of MPI, has implemented DSA throughout its investment process, from manager search and selection, to ongoing monitoring and life cycle decisions.

The motivation behind Marcuard’s decision originated from seeing MPI’s Madoff case study that showed the powers of DSA’s red flag-detection over traditional Returns-Based Sytle Analysis (RBSA): The determining reason, however, was closer to home; Marcuard employed DSA to analyze its own funds, of which the group had complete daily holdings information. The attributed factors, and their weightings, that the analysis portrayed utilizing just the fund’s returns mirrored the actual exposures and holdings of the investment vehicles to a very high degree of accuracy.

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